Dear Member,

The University is conducting an important census of all employees. All members of the Faculty Association are encouraged to take a few minutes to complete the online Employment Equity Survey by May 27. This confidential survey is mandatory, although you are not required to answer all of the questions. The data gathered will provide valuable information on the composition and diversity of UBC’s workforce as well as help set employment equity goals to improve hiring, promotion and retention practices. If you haven't already completed this survey, here are the details:

About the survey:

How to complete the online survey:

  1. Log on to Faculty and Staff Self-Service at
  2. Go to HRMS Self-Service tab
  3. Locate mySurveys box on the bottom left menu
  4. Click on the Employment Equity Census Survey
  5. Complete the survey
  6. You are done!

For more information go to:

Thank you for your participation. We all benefit from a fair and equitable workplace.

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