9 August 2016

Dear Colleagues:

On July 4th, you received a notice from the Faculty Association outlining the Administration’s intended time line for implementing the salary changes awarded to our members on 31 March 2016. Since that time, many of you have provided us with feedback to express your disappointment with the 8 ½ month delay in full implementation of these salary changes and asked if there were any actions we could take in response to this.

After consulting with our legal counsel, we have initiated a grievance asking for interest to be paid to our members on all amounts owed after 31 July 2016 and for the payment schedule to be accelerated. Both past practice and case law were considered in determining that a four-month time period is reasonable for full implementation of the arbitration award, and that anything beyond this represents an unreasonable delay by the University administration.


Mark Mac Lean, President
On behalf of the Executive Committee

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